1981 Square Body Diesel Step Side Junkyard Find

1981 Square Body Diesel Step Side Junkyard Find. Man I tell you, here in Texas they just love scrapping square body GM trucks. I find these old girls in the yards all the time. That’s funny cause they just seem to be so popular these days, especially on YouTube. Seems like everybody and their uncle is out here is getting on YouTube with one of these trucks. And here I am just finding them in the junkyards. Well here we have a pretty interesting one. It’s an 81 Silverado 10 stepside with an oldsmobile 350 diesel. This truck really wasn’t in that bad of shape. It did look like it had sat for years out in some Texas field. The interior was rough but the bucket seats and center console were still there along with the gauge cluster. It even had power windows and locks. All in all it was a decent truck that could have been saved.

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