1983 Silverado Square Body Junkyard Barn Find

1983 Silverado Square Body

1983 Silverado Square Body Barn Find. So I’m not 100% certain that it came out of an actual barn but it was stored in some building of sorts as evident by the dust that coated it. Good thing it hadn’t rain before I was able to see and get footage of it. Looks like this old girl was stored away and forgotten for about a decade only to be junked in the end. Kind of sad actually if you ask me.

I bet with a good power was inside and out it would look pretty good. She wasn’t without her flaws but all in all could have been a good driver at the very least. The worst part about this truck in my opinion was the all the rodent droppings as it had become a big time rodent motel in all that time stored away. Looks like it might still have a nice two tone paint job under all that dust. The interior was all pretty much there as well as under the hood.

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