2023 Electric Hummer Pickup + Hummer E-SUV Confirmed: Everything We Know So Far!

Once the vilified poster child of fuel inefficiency, the Hummer brand could make an unexpected comeback with an unabashed focus on zero-emissions off-road prowess. The about-face risks alienating some die-hard Hummer fans, but it will lure new enthusiasts into the fold while ensuring parent company General Motors keeps up with a growing list of rivals in a burgeoning segment of the market.

The idea of relaunching Hummer is gaining traction inside GM’s glass-walled Renaissance Center headquarters, Bloomberg learned from inside sources who asked to remain anonymous. Following the path blazed by Michigan-based startup Rivian, the born-again brand would offer consumers a lineup of battery-electric off-roaders that would be as capable as they are green. You can call it redemption or common sense; either way, the new Hummer would operate according to a completely different mind-set than the old Hummer.

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