49cc Powered MEGA RC Truck


THIS IS INSANE! There is no way for me to translate the presence this giant MONSTER TRUCK gives off as an aura through your viewing screen. It’s the true meaning of “BEAST”. This is the largest PRODUCTION (meaning ready to purchase), Monster truck mass made, to date. Primal RC is the company that makes this phenomenal engineering marvel. This is the second video I have made since I have got the truck. I have a total of 2 tanks through it.. 3, by the end of this film. The engine is still getting broken in.. and I am running a 40:1 Gas to Oil ratio.. with Castrol 927 as the additive.

This truck retails for $2950 USD, and comes ready to run with EVERYTHING you need but a battery and fuel. I have not modified this truck from stock, other than adjusting the HIGH needle to lean out the engine a bit.

This unique and one of a kind build is the result of 5 years of imagination through to realization! “Dan D”, the Principle founder of the Primal RC company and brand – was and still is – a HUGE FAN of the classic Tamiya Clodbuster MONSTER TRUCKS! He always imagined and dreamed about what it would be like to have a HUGE VERSION of that classic beauty. Two years of building a prototype.. and an additional 3 years of ideation and end product production.. DAN engineered every kids DREAM! This solid axle design can go over anything. All torque, and all Power – all the time.

My good friend EVERETT has come by to check out this MASSIVE MACHINE.. and gives me a hand at assembling it and starting it for the first time. We are both struck by the sheer size of it – and the camera does it no justice. Its a definite “MUST SEE TO BELIEVE” kind of Radio Control Monstrosity!


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