550cc Cozy Coupe FIRST RIP + Gas, Brakes, Clutch! Pt. 7

The 550cc Cozy Coupe go kart rips around the yard for the first time! In this episode we install and fabricate brackets and linkage for our 4 into 1 throttle setup, the brakes, and the clutch. We set up the clutch with all hard linkage, and it feels so good! We sync up the carburetors, add a fuel tank, and go for a ride around Ike’s yard! This motorcycle powered go kart is geared SHORT! It spins the large 18″ diameter tires in any gear at almost every RPM! Remember, this isn’t supposed to be a very torquey engine- it has a redline of 9600 RPM. Just a few more tweaks here and there, and this little tikes go kart will be ready for a full send!

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