Ultimate Squarebody Street Truck? 600+ hp Supercharged LT4 ’86 Silverado That Handles, Too.

 True, this is the ultimate street truck. These square bodies are still cheap enough to pick up and modify and even make a great daily driver. This particular truck has a supercharged LT4, massive brakes, and a killer interior.
Produced from 1973 until 1987, the style of these particular pickups is commonly referred to as the box body or square body Chevy. Formally dubbed the “Rounded-Line” generation, this was one of the longest-running generations of pickups produced by Chevy. Since they were in production for a 14-year period, they are less rare than other classic Chevy trucks, such as the 1967-1972 Action Line or “Glamour Pickups” that were only available for a few short years. Because they are easily accessible and affordable, restoring box body Chevys has become popular in the decades since their initial release.