The development of the seventh generation of the Chevrolet Camaro may have just been shelved, and after 2023 the Camaro name could die altogether, according to “multiple sources within GM” speaking to Muscle Cars & Trucks.

The rumours may seem like a huge blow to fans of the pony car, but it should be noted it’s already left the automotive world once before, in 2002.

The fifth-generation Camaro with its throwback styling was revealed in 2009 to great fanfare, but, two more generations on, it’s not farfetched to imagine it going away again.

When pressed for comment by Motor Authority, GM officials offered a suspiciously vague non-denial.

“While we will not engage in speculation, we will remind you of our recently announced updates coming to the Camaro lineup this fall,” a spokesperson said.

“An all-new LT1 model will provide customers V8 power with the design and affordability of our LT trim. The award-winning SS model will feature a new front fascia from the Camaro Shock concept. All of our updates are customer-driven to improve the car and its driving experience.”

Lately, the Camaro has not seen the sort of booming sales it did when its 2009 reintroduction was first announced. The pony car segment is ruled now by the Ford Mustang, with the Dodge Challenger in close pursuit.

This has lots to do with the Camaro sitting at a higher price point, as well as a facelift that was so ugly and received so much blow-back, Chevrolet actually reneged on and re-redid the design.

This is still very much speculation, so we’re going to wait for some more clearer sort of confirmation before we start planning the going-away party.