Amazing “Hand” Wrench

Hello! I’m the author and the cameraman of this work and I want to share it with you, my friends! The original video on my Russian channel got almost 6 million views and this is my small personal victory. This isn’t the whole repetition of the material, I edited it, that’s why, don’t be frightened if you saw this work before:) thanks for your participation in developing the channel, your likes and subscriptions This is almost a historic video, which original version was watched by 6 million people. But I still have this wrench. You may want to own this thing. But as there can be more people than one who want it, so I’d like to propose an anonymous auction. I saw how others did it. For this, with your wish, write to me to email and if your price will be higher of the current one I’ll add it to the description of the video. The auction will last only a week, so don’t be shy to take a part in it! Thanks for attention. The starting date 17 July The expiry date 24 July The initial price 200 USD

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