We’ve been building amazing trucks for a while now, but we figure it’s time to really give the F150 the power it deserves, while giving enthusiasts a fantastic deal in the process. We are proud to introduce F150 Pick Your Power for $39,995

From their website:

2019 FORD F-150 | PICK YOUR POWER FOR $39,995

Due to overwhelming demand, our popular Pick Your Power Mustang promotion expands to Ford F150. Now you can get a brand new 2019 Ford F150 with your choice of RoushWhipple,
or Procharger superchargers producing from 650 all the way up to 725 tire shredding, muscle car pulverizing, horsepower for $39,995* including a brand new truck!

Just like our world famous Mustang program, F150 pick your power operates under a belief that you, the customer, should be able to choose exactly what you want and control the final price of your vehicle based on what you desire. For the price of $39,995 you get a 2019 Regular Cab 2WD XL-Sport F150 with your choice of a Roush, Whipple, or Procharger Supercharger System.

We aren’t going to tell you that you must have a Platinum F150 to use as your weekend bracket racing grudge truck. The freedom is yours. If you are like most customers who want some serious power, but still something that can haul the family, the boat, a load of mulch, or your racecar, then you are welcome to option your LFP F150 to your exact liking to fit your needs. Naturally, as you add options to your truck, the price will also increase. Our dedicated performance sales staff can help you option out your truck to best fit your needs and get you a finalized price quote. The best part is that we can finance both your supercharger and additional upgrades into the price of your new LFP F150. Whether you are building a track monster complete with drag slicks, suspension work, and an E85 compatible fuel system, or a family hauler with a bed-liner and tonneau cover, we can build everything into one complete package.