Camera Catches 18-Wheeler Using Runaway Ramp

You know those long, steep, runway-strip-looking pieces of road that you always drive past on mountainous highways with signs before them that read, “runaway ramp?” Seldom do you ever see them actually used, and you often wonder if they are really a necessary installment to the state highway system.

Well, here, a runaway ramp in Colorado really proved it’s necessity when a semi was shown charging towards it at roughly 80 mph when it appeared that its brakes had given out. The trucks wheels were smoking and it was heading right towards the ramp with its right blinker on, gaining more and more speed as it neared it.

Thankfully, the semi made it onto the ramp smoothly and it had so much inertia that it nearly reached the top of it. The driver of the 18-wheeler demonstrated remarkable handling skills and a cool head as he bulleted towards the ramp at full speed. These runaway ramps on the sides of highways were built for a reason.

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