With all the projects and crazy builds that the Diesel Brothers put out, it was only a matter of time before somebody went after them.

The Diesel Sellerz truck dealer in Woods Cross on June 14, 2018. The owner of the business and three affiliated companies were found liable by a federal judge on March 12, 2019, for violating the Clean Air Act by selling diesel trucks equipped with “defeat” devices to foil pollution controls.

Cannon said the Diesel Brothers are considering whether to appeal Shelby’s ruling, specifically on whether UPHE adequately demonstrated a link between pollution from the modified trucks and injury to individuals.

The 9th and 4th circuit courts have issued conflicting rulings on similar questions, which may be grounds for an appeal.

Diesel Brothers

“We hope the Diesel Brothers’ massive contributions to the community are nor forgotten due to 17 trucks,” Cannon said.