In a beachside neighborhood where Hurricane Michael has turned homes into splintered piles of rubble, one home is still standing tall after the storm.

The beachfront home in Mexico called “The Sand Palace” did not escape Michael’s wrath completely unscathed: the building’s ground floor was completely wiped away and there was some water damage from missing windows.

But being constructed on 40-foot pilings help the structure withstand the worst of the storm surge which leveled the entire block surrounding the home.

“We wanted to build it for the big one,” the home’s co-owner Lebron Lackey told The New York Times. “We just never knew we’d find the big one so fast.”

The home, now accessible by only a ladder after the stairway was washed away, will need to have all its utilities redone, and has lost a heating and air unit.

Lackey and his uncle, Russell King, did not tell The Times how much they spent on the home to make it storm-ready, but public records show the home, which is reinforced by steel cables and rebar, has been assessed for $400,000.

“We’re thinking that we need to build a house that would survive for generations,” King told The Times.


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