Rebuilding Gas Monkey Garage Wrecked 1976 Chevy C10

Rebuilding Gas Monkey Garage Wrecked 1976 Chevy C10

Not too long ago we all fell in love with a Green Chevy C10 built by the masterful hands of the Gas Monkeys. This 1976 C10 rolled in not in the best of shape, and seeing the before photos you would swear these were two different trucks. Even though the body of it was solid, the Monkeys knew that they were going to have their hands full with this build.

Richard Rawlings wanted this build done and this build done right, and planned on auctioning it off at the Cattle Barons Ball in 1 month! With many of the guys at the shop already in the truck community and this blank canvas, the Monkeys got to work!

They went all out when it came to this build and didn’t leave one screw unturned. The power house of this build was a GM performance crate LS7 pushing out 600hp and 600 tq. and to make sure it stopped on a dime the Monkeys put in Wilwood 14-inch disc brakes. With a custom intake tube, magna flow dual, Ron Davis radiator, and Hedman C-10 LS swap headers this truck was going to be a show stopper!

Now that you know the story and everything that went into this truck, you can understand why many of us are heart broken to see this truck in this condition! What’s next for this C10? Will it get rebuilt? Yes it will!

When Gas Monkey First Revealed The C10



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