GM: ‘It’s critical we get back to producing quality vehicles’

DETROIT (WJRT) (10/11/2019) – General Motors is seeking a swift resolution to a 26-day strike by United Auto Workers members, but the union hasn’t set a timeline for responding to the company’s latest offer.

GM released a letter to employees on Friday morning saying the strike has been hard on everyone — families, communities, the company, suppliers and dealers.

GM says it wants to reach a fair and worthy agreement to end the strike and believes its latest offer handed to the UAW on Monday achieved “mutual objectives.”

UPDATE: UAW accuses General Motors of trying to ‘play games’ instead of negotiate

A letter released by UAW Vice President Terry Dittes says the union has convened committees to work on six different areas of negotiations. They began meeting after top union officials met with GM CEO Mary Barra and other executives in Detroit on Wednesday.

Dittes, who is in charge of the UAW’s General Motors Division, offered no timeline for when the committees would wrap up their work and when the union would offer its next response to GM’s Monday offer.

The GM statement says the company’s offer would “increase compensation through wages and lump sum payments, preserve industry-leading health care benefits without increasing out-of-pocket costs, enhance profit-sharing with unlimited upside and improve the ratification bonus.”

It also promises billions of dollars worth of investment in U.S. facilities, creating thousands of new jobs. Temporary GM workers would get a clear path to permanent jobs and a ratification bonus.

“We have advised the Union that it’s critical that we get back to producing quality vehicles for our customers,” GM’s letter says. “We are committed to the collective bargaining process, and we are committed to our future together.”

The strike started on Sept. 16 involving about 49,000 UAW members across the country, including nearly 18,000 in Michigan. Thousands of employees at suppliers and vendors have been laid off as a result of the strike.

UAW members are seeking better pay, health insurance, job security and a path for temporary workers to obtain full-time jobs.

General Motors just released a new statement on the ongoing strike negotiations with the UAW.

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