Guy Hides Plates on Toll Road and Gets Arrested

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — A Houston-area man was arrested after deputy constables say he was avoiding paying tolls by using a device that flips and conceals his license plate.

Preston Cody Talbot is charged with possession of a “license plate flipper,” according to The Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office.

The driver is said to owe more than $5,400 in tolls.

A deputy constable pulled Talbot over when they said he failed to pay a toll in the 8000 block of the North Sam Houston Parkway West. During the traffic stop, deputies found the license plate flipper on the rear of the vehicle.

The electronic device allows a driver to flip between two license plates at a touch of a button in a 180-degree fashion.

That means a driver can flash a different plate when traveling through a toll to avoid getting photographed and penalized for not paying.

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