The guys a Dakota Customs have melded these two iconic creations into one badass offroading machine, and it looks, and sounds, like a hell of a good time! The build started life as a four door Wrangler, but has been beefed up beyond the engine under the hood. The wheels and tires have been upsized, though it looks like the ride height has been left reasonably close to stock. Knowing how center of gravity works, and how more than doubling the horsepower is going to drastically change the way the Jeep behaves, there’s probably a good reason this thing hasn’t been lifted 6” over stock ride height.

However, the main attraction is obviously the wicked supercharged Hemi yanked from a Hellcat and wedged between the front wheels, making this Jeep into one of the better looking farm plows we’ve ever seen. Being pretty hardcore racing fans, we immediately wondered what it would do on drag radials through the quarter mile, but that doesn’t seem like a likely destination for this ride.