Little Sahara State Park in Waynoka, Oklahoma… If you’re not at Glamis, you want to be here. This amazing weekend in the sand dunes started with a quick tour in the Polaris RAZR 1000 before getting out the big toys in the morning. Tanks of race fuel were on hand for the Dragon Slayer, a custom 4 seat sand car. It’s running a Whipple supercharged LS3 on 116 octane VP BLUE.

Painstakingly finished custom paint, and a full complement of matching LED lighitng rounds out this full interior car with over 800HP. We filled it up, grabbed some headsets then headed onto the sand for a wild day. Coming down from the first wheelie sent my iPhone out the window and the weekend ended with a massive RAZR jump totaling it out. They bought a Can-Am Maverick X3 the next day.