Jeep Cherokee Diesel Swap Overview | Mercedes OM617 Conversion

Warning: LONG VIDEO AHEAD! I recognize that this video is insanely long, but in it I will cover a host of topics from a birds eye view. I wanted to show everyone how the OM617 motor fits, what special steps to consider, cost of the conversion as well as fuel mileage I have been seeing.

This swap was a massive undertaking and there was a ton of custom work involved on many different components. Because of this, I am releasing this video as the “official” introduction and overview of the Jeep Cherokee Turbo Diesel Conversion. This is the first video of many in this series. After this video I will be looking for feedback from all of you to help guide me towards other videos you would like to see. I will break each component out into its own videos where I can dive much deeper into the “how to” aspect of this swap.

Grab some popcorn, absorb the info and enjoy! And don’t forget to subscribe and leave me a comment below.

As always thank you for tuning in and I hope you are excited to see many more videos on this swap in the very near future!

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