What Makes The Sherp The Greatest Off-Roader On Earth?

It’ll Go Almost Anywhere On Land

Due to its short wheelbase, 21.65 inches of ground clearance, and huge tires, the Sherp ATV happily bumps over obstacles up to 27.5 inches tall and climbs gradients up to 35 degrees. Grip is rarely an issue either as the low-pressure patented pneumocirculating suspension is connected to the tires, and when one tire bumps into an obstacle, the pressure is distributed evenly to the other tires.

Floats Over Deep Water

Traversing deep water is not something the average off-road machine can handle. The Sherp ATV solves this problem by having giant self-inflating tires that can hold 800 liters of air and create 7,000 lbs of displacement so the vehicle can float and be propelled at the same time. The tires act as paddles to keep the vehicle moving, but even if the tires deflate, the body is hermetically sealed and can float on its own.

It Destroys Heavily Modified Mega Trucks

Mud bogging is a popular sport inparts of North America and involves a long mud pit and the competitors competing to see who can get travel the furthest through it. The vehicles range from mildly modified off-roaders to purpose-built mud pluggers, as we can see in the video below. As a demonstration of the Sherp ATV’s abilities, it shows everyone up by making all the way to the end, and then turning around and going back again.

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