Real People Chevy Blazer Commercial

Chevy Blazer Parody Commercial

In this parody we tackle the all new 2019 Chevy Blazer and their new commercial that claims it “speaks for itself.” Except it doesn’t since they hired actors to say things about it, also why do you need Potsch if it speaks for itself? Also it doesn’t talk, But, what if it DID and Mahk was its voice?

The Chevy Blazer Design Is Often Confused

Many Chevy lovers were hoping for something way different. With other manufacturers holding pretty true to old styles and blending new with the old, it was with fingers crossed that Chevrolet would do the same. Here are a few ideas that were floating around the interwebs.

As you can see what was hoped for above varied completely different to what we got. (Click the picture for more details)

Chevy Blazer

Better luck next time….


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