Spray Paint Jeep Surprise

Today Stephen Sharer and his brother Carter Sharer decided to surprise Lizzy Sharer by painting her car. The plan was to paint the Jeep her favorite color. Stephen drove Liz’s Jeep down the backyard and down to the pond. This is where they were going to set up the paint booth. The next step was to prepare the Jeep for painting. So Carter and Stephen masked off all the windows, wheels, and all the places they didn’t want to get paint on. Now it was time to paint the base color. The base color is gun metal grey. Carter got to work painting the car grey. The Sharers took turns painting Liz’s car grey. Once the Jeep was all painted grey it was time to paint it the final color. Blue is Liz’s favorite color ever so that was the color they are going to paint Liz’s Jeep. Carter and his friend Matt mixed all the paint into a big bucket. They added some white paint to make it brighter and some glitter to make the paint pop. Once the paint was all mixed it was time to paint the car. The paint went on one layer at a time. The car was done and it was time to surprise Liz with her new car. Stephen and Carter ran up to the house to find Liz. They covered her eyes and Stephen walked her down to the pond. She opened her eyes on the count of 3 and saw her new car for the first time. She was super excited when she saw it and she loved the new color. Liz and Stephen then took the new Jeep for a test drive around the yard. Today was an awesome day and Liz loved her epic new car surprise.


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