Street Legal Can Am X3 Bug Conversion

Photos of this Street Legal Can Am X3 Bug Conversion have been posted all over the internet. When we saw it we just knew that we had to do a video on it. So we got a hold of Andy Rick who built this crazy machine and set it up. Andy is from Louisiana and drove all the way to Alabama for the shoot.

He saw our RZR Bug Conversion video on here and got the idea to convert his Can Am X3 into a street legal baja bug with Air Conditioning. He found this new model bug for $400, got it titled and covered by insurance before cutting the body and bolting it onto a modified Can Am X3 chassis. He used a Hot Rod AC unit that runs off of the primary clutch.

The best part is that he Daily drives this X3 Bug Conversion to work and has put over 3,000 miles on it. How do you think it compares to the baja bug rzr conversion? Let us know in the comments. Maybe someone will make can am x3 street legal it using these bodies one of these days. We know we want to build one.


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