Strike may move Silverado to No. 3-selling pickup in U.S.

2020 Silverado May Drop In Ranks

2020 silverado

The United Auto Workers’ national strike against General Motors Co. makes it likely that the Ram pickup will outpace the Chevrolet Silverado in annual U.S. sales for the first time ever.

“The loss of the production heading into a month-plus strike now, it makes it hard to believe that the Silverado isn’t going to finish behind Ram,” said Karl Brauer, publisher at Cox Automotive.

The popularity of trucks has grown for several years now and with the nice profit margins it helps keep things flowing for the three automakers. Although Ford Motor Co.’s F-series remains king, sales of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV’s Ram surpassed the Silverado’s for the first nine months of the year.

Chevrolet sold 412,259 Silverados in 2019 to Ram’s 461,115 pickups

Through September, Chevrolet sold 412,259 Silverados in 2019 to Ram’s 461,115 pickups — a difference of about 50,000. Ford sold 662,574 of its F-series. GM’s top-selling vehicle is down nearly 3% year-over-year, whileFiat Chrysler’s is up 23% as it sells the redesigned truck alongside its older model.

Profitability is more important than market share, Edmunds analyst Jessica Caldwell said. In addition to the Silverado, GM has the popular GMC Sierra and mid-sizeGMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado pickups that combined outsell Ram.

“All of the companies have to focus on the bottom-line, bragging rights aside,” Caldwell said. Still, she said, “It’s a hard pill for Chevy to swallow.”

But right now, GM has more serious issues with the strike, now heading into its fifth week, Lindland said. GM’s profitability already is suffering, Brauer noted.

So far, the strike hasn’t appeared to affect sales, with the Silverado up almost 17% in the third quarter of 2019 year-over-year.


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