Suburban Gorilla – H1 Hummer Inspired Ultimate Off-Road Tow Rig

It started out as an old 1987 Suburban farm truck and has turned into the ultimate off-road tow rig that can go and tow almost anything, anywhere! Ian Johnson and Jessi Combs make plans for the SubUrban Gorilla’s twin turbos.

Then, it’s a step-by-step how-to on making a custom C-channel frame, custom fuel cells, and transfer cases. They show you how to install not one, but two winches using the SubUrban Gorilla. One of them is a Warn 16.5ti – as in it can pull 16,500 Ibs. with 7/16th-inch aircraft cable, so it has to be mounted right.

Then they fab up the front and rear of the SubUrban Gorilla for its fiberglass bodywork, and a to-be-installed 40-gallon steel gas tank. Plus: hard-hitting action from the Gorilla Run hill climb!SHOW LESS

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