Fabricating plastic pistons (will they work?)

  In this episode we try (somewhat successfully) to get an engine to work on plastic pistons.

Glitter Bomb 3.0 vs. Porch Pirates

Glitter Bomb Merry Christmas ya filthy animals. This is the best way to show those spineless aholes how much they suck. Not only do they get glitter sprayed everywhere but now there’s a special feature added.

Father pulls hysterical ‘blinker fluid’ prank on his two girls

A father’s video has gone viral after he sent his two daughters into a local autos hop to grab some blinker fluid and a bucket of steam as an April Fools Prank. Rodney Herbert (inset with wife) was parked outside the Auto Zone in Chesterfield, Michigan when his daughters walked outside (right) the store laughing… Continue reading.

HUGE Wreck Ends in FIRE – Driver BARELY Escapes!

Wrecks are the LAST thing we want to see when we film a racing event. Besides the obvious fear that a racer could be injured (or worse) – it’s devastating to witness someone destroy their pride and joy. Seeing hundreds, if not thousands of hours of work crumple within seconds. This no prep race at… Continue reading.

Top 10 Fastest Production Pickup Trucks In The World

While truck lovers are typically known for craving power, it’s usually for hauling heavy payloads, not hauling on the dragstrip. But every now and then, engineers at some of the world’s biggest automakers get lucky and slip insanely fast pickup trucks past the corporate lawyers and bean counters out onto the streets. Descended from the… Continue reading.

Truck breaks through Highway 19 Coastal Gas Link pipeline blockade

A pickup truck was seen driving the wrong way on Highway 19 after breaking through a wooden barricade set up by anti-pipeline protesters.


Today we are taking a look at a very versatile socket that can adapt to different sizes. Can one socket really replace a whole set? Well lets find out what this socket is really capable of!

FIM X-Trial World Championship

It’s like parkour but on a motorcycle!  

SuperDuty Lift Kits