Truck Bounty Hole – Mardi Gras MuddFest 2019 – Creekside Offroad Ranch

Some footage from the Truck bounty hole competition during the Mardi Gras Muddfest ride at Creekside Offroad Ranch in Splendora, Texas on March 2, 2019. Well Dakota loves to make an entrance in Bam Bam! Daniel flew through the pit in The Hitman truck! Everyone appeared to have a fun time and some bystanders got… Continue reading.

900HP Duramax on PADDLE TIRES Throws Mud 100Ft High

900HP Duramax on PADDLE TIRES Throws Mud 100Ft High Imagine the hardest boosted launch ever in a 4WD truck….. but in Mud… With a 2WD 😂 Never thought I’d go mudding with my race truck that’s for sure  

2018 F-350 Dually on 40’s rescues 2019 Tundra TRD 4×4

Ford: if I’m getting dirty, you are too. Toyota: but i wanna go this way. Ford: NO, we go this way!

Duramax with Ridiculous body lift gets destroyed

Not really sure why my bed lift failed but we followed the instructions. Watch the entire interior get filled with mud though 😂  


Mud racing at its best on an “Un” defeated bounty hole  

For the Love of Mud

Central Florida Motorsports park was the location for the 2018 Trucks Gone Wild Tri Truck Challenge Mud races. Drivers come from miles to race in this off road event. After the races it was time for some fun in the Mud.


Jason Johnson is on the relentless pursuit of making Wrecking Ball 2.0 the most powerful rig it can be…with a recently upgraded big block, powertrain and potentially even more in the pipe soon! The entertainment value of this truck at Louisiana Mudfest was over the top! Specs: 1990 GMC Sierra, 498 BBC, Powerglide trans with… Continue reading.

DEEP Mud Edition

Give it all you got those holes are DEEP! Watch Perkins Summer Sling Deep Mud Edition. Nothing but Big Trucks Mud Bogging in that black peat mud. From one rowdy pass to the next, try to keep up as the bottomless holes suck trucks down into a muddy grave.  

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