2021 GMC Sierra AT4 1500 – Crew Cab 4×4

Introduced on the 2019 Sierra, AT4 was created as a unique persona that offers credible capability while still providing premium everyday comforts. AT4 variants distinctively combine off-road capability, innovative technology and bold design, along with GMC’s premium refinement to practically complement an authentic outdoor lifestyle. Core AT4 design includes premium rugged exterior details, featuring black… Continue reading.

Rolling GMC Thunder! If You Love Harley-Davidson, You’ll LOVE This 2020 Sierra 1500 Special Edition!

After years of Harley-Davidson special editions for the Ford F-150, this is the first Harley-Davidson model of the GMC Sierra 1500. We find out what makes it unique!

MPG Surprise! Can The 2020 GMC Sierra 3.0L Diesel REALLY Get Up To 30 MPG In The Real World?

2020 GMC Sierra 3.0L Diesel We hit the road for a 100-mile loop to find out exactly how efficient the 2020 GMC Sierra new 3.0-liter diesel can be. 2020 GMC Sierra 3.0L Diesel Gallery

750WHP Turbo Sierra | Full Build Video

Enjoy this build video and stick around for a ride along with the customer as he first experiences his truck’s transformation- this is what it’s all about. This 2WD Sierra has essentially TRIPLED it’s factory power output with our turbo kit. Final Numbers: 737.8 whp | 800.1 ft.lbs. (642whp / 708tq Mustang Dyno)  

Turbo GMC Sierra Walks 458 Ferrari Italia

GMC Sierra beats a Ferrari 458 Italia When a turbocharged GMC Sierra beats a Ferrari 458 Italia, you realize nothing is as it seems. There is a whole world of possibility in car performance, and we shouldn’t be so quick to judge a book by its cover. Honestly, how can you not root for the… Continue reading.

Here’s Why I Bought A 2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4 & NOT A Power Wagon: Dude, I Love (Or Hate) My New Ride

When it comes to pure off-road chops, the 2020 GMC Sierra HD AT4 may not directly square off against the Ram Power Wagon or the Ford Super Duty Tremor. But if you want a more capable daily driver, does this $77,000 truck make sense?

Watch Us Beat the Crap Out Of the New 2020 GMC Sierra CarbonPro Bed!

2020 GMC Sierra Carbon Pro The 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 and Denali get a new CarbonPro package with a carbon fiber bed, which is supposed to be indestructible. We throw tool boxes & bricks, bash it with a baseball bat in an attempt to damage it.  

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