Ripping apart a squatted truck with my bare hands (Rage Warning)

  I can no longer contain my rage for this abomination. One by one I will slowly erase these from earth. Just doing my part. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a squatted truck you may be entitled to…….. never mind. Thanks and bye bye. Thank you Whistlin’ Diesel! 😛 Old… Continue reading.

I won a Ford Raptor. And I’m turning it into a plane.

  I even painted it red to get all the scratches out! She’s in good hands! Just don’t tell the FFA. #flyingraptor

Destroying my Grandpas Truck and not buying him a new one

You’ve seen “destroying my friends car and buying them a new one” well here’s this. Try this one on for size big guy. Also MEET MONSTERMAX 2. #MONSTERMAX2

Snowcat Drives over Literally Everything & Monstermax is sold

Monstermax is Sold This is how all 2nd gen dodges should end up… Unfortunately GoPro Splice (my editing app on my phone 😂) tried to make HDR for videos. So now ironically my picture is terrible and the exposure is miserably off. Please stand by while we reconsider this line of work. But we got… Continue reading.

My Dads reaction to driving my General Lee (Priceless)

I’ve never really had family on my page because I don’t want it to look like I’m exploiting them but I think this video is really cool and I think my dad needs a General Lee!

I destroy a brand new smart car in 3 minutes flat

Well that didn’t last long 😂😂😂 Unfortunately LIL SAWZALL didn’t make it today. OLD VIDEO IS GONE. YOU SHOULD’VE HAD YOUR NOTIFICATIONS ON. #DUMBCAR Also I have apparel at bunker branding but I’m not going to push it in your face.SHOW LESS

Extreme Gooseneck Offroading 2

The saddest part was the people who were inside the campers while we were driving. They didn’t make it out in time. But they will not be forgotten! JK PLZ DONT DELETE THIS YOUTUBE. #XTREME#GOOZENECKS MUSIC: Saucy @dayvidswimsSHOW MORE

Monstertruck on TINY TIRES

Be ready to watch the most impressive tug of war you’ve ever seen 😂😂😂 Never underestimate monstermax. #legday

We put $10,000 wheels and lift on the 1957 GMC and it looks freakin good

Well it stayed stock for 36 hours 😂😂 I wasn’t planning on doing this but it looks AMAZING. The tires are a little too big for the lift but it’s not terrible. 12v swap next. #absoluteunit

MONSTERMAX VS TANK & Demolition Ranch

Monstertruck Tug of War VS a 5 ton Army truck VS a Tank!!! WTF Logistics transported Monstermax all the way to Drive Tanks in Uvalde TX where we finally push it to its limits. My favorite video yet LETS GOOO. @drivetanks @demolitionranch @wtflogistics @fullsenddiesel #heavyweightSHOW LESS

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