The 2022 Ford Raptor R Is Going To Come With The 760 HP Supercharged 5.2L V8 From The GT500

Let’s do a little house keeping here before we get into the monster lurking under the hood of the Raptor R In 2010 we got the first Raptor – 6.2 NA V8 Then 2015 we got a new Raptor which was a certified banger…except for one thing 3.5L ecoboost v6 Which of course wasn’t ideal but it was fine….up until a couple months ago when RAM dropped the hellcat powered TRX

Now all the sudden a blown v6 doesn’t sound like it’s gunna cut it, but the silver lining is the Raptor is due for a refresh We just got the new gen F150 which means a new Raptor is coming or should I say new Raptors That’s right there’s going to be two variants of the next raptor and more importantly 2 engine variants There will be a revised 3.5TT ecoboost more than likely and maybe they’ll manage to squeeze 500 hp out of it with 550 lbft of torque Still doesn’t hold a candle to the TRX, but that’s fine because waiting in the halls in the Raptor R Thundering under the hood will de a slightly detuned Predator engine from Ford’s incredible GT500 – yanno the 760 hp super stang?

The TRX makes 702 so even with a slight detune it would still be comfortably more powerful than the RAM From there the issues is getting power down so it’ll shoot from the 5.2 predator through, a tremec DCT to all 4 wheels. There will need to be a lot of differential magic going on, but if Ford can apply the sorcery from their GT500 then it should be properly quick The TRX is the quickest production truck ever built, but records were made to be broken The TRX throws a lot of shots at the raptor like the little image on the air box and the size chart in the center bin But more REAL is the Bilstein E2 dampers in the rear.

No leaf springs in the back is a big development and the Raptor R will certainly use some sort of Fox damper and spring set in the rear Unsurprisingly the raptor r will also get 35inch BFG K02 AT tires and a host of off road tech All of this means the Raptor R is going to be badass, but in all honestly people are only really interested in 2 number – 8 cylinders and any hp number over 702

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