US investigating possible air bag failures in GM vehicles

  DETROIT (AP) — The U.S. government’s highway safety agency is investigating complaints that the air bags may not inflate in a crash on thousands of General Motors vehicles.   The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the probe covers nearly 750,000 Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC vehicles from the 2020 and 2021 model years. Most… Continue reading.

The NEW BUILD (ZR1500) 1990 454SS Truck!

This one has been in the works since I got the Chevy ZL1500 truck finished! You all watching and loving the teal truck motivated me to do another. We had to go over the top this time! Click here to sign the RPM Act (save motorsports)

12 valve Cummins Suburban on Welds & Boggers

@bcc_zach Zach Pennock’s 12 valve swapped Cummins Suburban 16.5×18 Weld wheels 44in boggers

The GMC Canyon AT4 Has a Special NEW Off-Road Package

GMC Canyon AT4 The GMC Canyon AT4 Has a Special NEW Off-Road Package | Is It Now a Chevy Colorado ZR2 Fighter?

Best OBS Ever Built?!?! Shop Truck Hits The Streets!!

  Thanks for stopping by! In this episode we build an intake for shop truck so we can finally get the hood back on it! This is an exciting milestone for us! Haha, as always….

Daily Driven 1000HP DURAMAX!!

1000HP LBZ DURAMAX DAILY DRIVER! Pela Motorsports also claims to have the WORLD’S FASTEST DIESEL MEGA TRUCK?! Do you think so? Big variety of trucks in this video including a 1000hp lbz duramax + nasty burnouts, hummer with a duramax swap, cadillac with an lb7, mud trucks. 1/4 mile drag racing along with dirt drags!… Continue reading.

800+hp LT4/10spd swapped 1993 truck street pulls! Its absolutely UNREAL!!

At the start of the video we fix a fuel issue we ran into on the truck. After that is GAME ON! Got the go ahead from my tuner to let it rip so well I did lol. Burnouts, WOT pulls….yeah we broke the ZL1500 in right.

2022 Chevy Silverado ZR2 Supercharged – How much power?!

In this video we’ll be discussing the highly anticipated 2022 Chevy Silverado ZR2 supercharged! Unless you’ve been asleep since the end of February you’ve probably seen or heard the news about Chevrolets answer to the Ford Raptor, and Ram TRX…..the Silverado ZR2. Autoblog, GMauthority, GMTruck Forum, and pretty much every other automotive page on the… Continue reading.

GM Announces the end of diesel and gas powered cars/trucks

In a stunning announcement, GM says it will stop making all diesel and gas-powered cars and trucks. Its goal is to be carbon neutral by 2040 so to that end it will stop all diesel and gas-powered production by 2035. That’s it. No more Duramax Silverados. No more V8 Corvettes. In fact; no more internal combustion anything. “For General Motors, our… Continue reading.

Supercharged Duramax!

Conceptual automotive artist, Jeffrey Transou, reveals his renderings based on secret conversations with Gale Banks. The ”66 Chevy is getting some major upgrades.

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