The All-New Ford Maverick in 3 Minutes | Ford

Ford Maverick The all-new 2022 Ford Maverick is a new kind of pickup that is versatile and capable. Here is everything you need to know about the Maverick in just 3 minutes. Preproduction vehicle shown. Available fall 2021. Learn more about the All-New Ford Maverick here: Discover more All-New Ford Maverick videos here:

Pulled over 22 times in a BACKWARDS Truck!

  It’s a truck, but BACKWARDS! It hurts your brain to look at at first. He’s been pulled over 22 times in the first year he built it and we’re not surprised! Long story short, he entered the burnout contest at Cleetus and Cars! Hopefully he gets a motor that makes some REAL bald eagles… Continue reading.

The New F-150 Lightning – AWD and All Electric

F-150 Lightning Electric Specs The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is the electric version of the F-150 pickup, and it’ll go on sale in the spring of next year. Two battery packs are available, targeting EPA-estimated ranges of 230 and 300 miles, and all models have a dual-motor all-wheel-drive setup. Pricing is expected to range from $42,000 for the… Continue reading.

The All-Electric F-150 Lightning

  Trusted for more than a century. Innovated and electrified for the next century. Get ready for the all-electric F-150 Lightning.

I won a Ford Raptor. And I’m turning it into a plane.

  I even painted it red to get all the scratches out! She’s in good hands! Just don’t tell the FFA. #flyingraptor

Ford F450 Platinum Reserve Edition on 37s & 24s

  STORMTROOPER Ford F450 Platinum Reserve Edition on 37s & 24s Kelderman AIR Suspension Review 2020 Banks Derringer install on a 6.7 F250    

The New Ford F-150 Police Responder Is a Crazy Fast Pick-Up: Here’s The Triple Digit Top Speed Spec!

Ford F-150 Police Responder The All-new 2021 Ford F-150 Police Truck Is Faster Than Ever! Here’s Everything You Need to Know about the new 4×4 police responder truck.

Breaking News: Here Is the New Ford Maverick Mini-truck BEFORE You’re Supposed To See It!

Breaking News: Here Is the New Ford Maverick Mini-truck BEFORE You’re Supposed To See It! This is a crossover pickup that is based on Ford Bronco Sport and the Ford Escape.

2021 Bronco Sport In The Snow

REVan Evan and Abe Tango hit the snowy trails with the 2021 Bronco Sport First Edition. We tackle the hills and give you all the details on the new member of the Bronco family.

I built a 2020 Silverado to compete with the 2020 Ford RAPTOR!

GM has yet to build a Silverado to compete with the Silverado. They did an awesome job with Colorado. Then they added the bison to the Colorado. I love it! What about Silverado? I got tired of waiting, so I built my own CUSTOM 2020 Silverado RST with custom interior, Custom King off road Shock… Continue reading.

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