V8 Powered Jetski

I’ve ridden on some fast ski’s before but never would I have imagined you could fit a v8 inside of one. This would be one crazy ride.

Redneck Fast and Furious

If Redneck Fast and Furious was a real movie, I would buy tickets

Ripping apart a squatted truck with my bare hands (Rage Warning)

  I can no longer contain my rage for this abomination. One by one I will slowly erase these from earth. Just doing my part. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a squatted truck you may be entitled to…….. never mind. Thanks and bye bye. Thank you Whistlin’ Diesel! 😛 Old… Continue reading.

U-Haul Catches Fire in Police Chase

  A stolen U-Haul suspect leads police on a long chase through Los Angeles and Orange County ending with the truck catching fire and the suspect running.

Fabricating plastic pistons (will they work?)

  In this episode we try (somewhat successfully) to get an engine to work on plastic pistons.

My lawnmower’s cooler than your lawnmower!

  I got tired of getting sun burn and having swamp butt every time I cut grass on a regular lawn mower…so I developed the most luxurious cutting machine you’ve ever seen! The RON BEER! Truck180’s 1993 OBS Project Build

Plywood Flies Out of Truck and Hits Truck in Other Lane

  Maybe don’t load your truck so full? Also, if you’re the truck that got hit on the other side of the road, I send this video to ICBC for you. You’re welcome.

(How to) HyperDip/Plasti Dip Your Emblems

  In this video I give my steps to plasti dip your emblems using the new hyperdip right out of your garage, these steps gives you the full rundown from what to use all the way through to how to use it. This video is very detailed and educating for first time users with dipyourcar.com… Continue reading.

Cleetus McFarland asked his Girlfriend to Marry him in a HUGE way

Cleetus jumps out there and pops the question. You know she’ll say yes! Nothing to say here guys, just me being an awkward nervous giraffe hoping the girl of my dreams says yes 🙂   Truck Parts and Accessories -> www.truck180store.com Truck180 Youtube -> Truck180   Old Square Body pulls 180 tons of logs in… Continue reading.

Will They Ban Gas And Diesel Vehicle’s Soon?

The new president is pushing for all electric soon. How will you cope?

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