GOLD RUSH [A Trans Am Documentary]

See the NEW build come together Trans Am Worldwide’s first ever Gold 455 Super Duty Trans Am and it’s accompanying custom Trans Am Motorcycle.

Our First Ever BURNOUT RIVALS Competition! James, Coop, JH, and More BATTLE For the Belt!!

Here’s our first ever attempt at a “pro” burnout contest. We think it went awesome. It’s surely a great start. Can’t wait to take it to the next level!

Major Nascar Crash Sends Ryan Newman to the Hospital

Horrible crash at the end of the race involving Nascar driver Ryan Newman. Let’s hope he’s ok.

Truck breaks through Highway 19 Coastal Gas Link pipeline blockade

A pickup truck was seen driving the wrong way on Highway 19 after breaking through a wooden barricade set up by anti-pipeline protesters.

My Car wouldn’t start.. so I blew it up with 50lbs of Tannerite.

In today’s video, I place 50lbs of tannerite under my car that wouldn’t start & BLEW it to Kingdom Come.

BREAKING NEWS: 2022 Nikola Badger Claims 600 Miles of Range and 8,000 Lbs of Towing!

BREAKING NEWS: 2022 Nikola Badger Claims 600 Miles of Range and 8,000 Lbs of Towing!

I Wont Destroy my Trucks Under One Condition

I think it’s time for a challenge…. Time to show your true colors everyone! Are millennials really mindless terrible people? 😂

550cc Cozy Coupe FIRST RIP + Gas, Brakes, Clutch! Pt. 7

The 550cc Cozy Coupe go kart rips around the yard for the first time! In this episode we install and fabricate brackets and linkage for our 4 into 1 throttle setup, the brakes, and the clutch. We set up the clutch with all hard linkage, and it feels so good! We sync up the carburetors,… Continue reading.

My Diesel Bug Gets A HUGE Semi STACK!

I put a huge semi truck stack on my Volkswagen TDI beetle!

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