Today we are taking a look at a very versatile socket that can adapt to different sizes. Can one socket really replace a whole set? Well lets find out what this socket is really capable of!

Gilboa Snake Double Barrel AR-15

Gilboa Snake Double Barrel AR-15 Enters Full Production For US Availability  Gilboa has announced they will start full production of the double barreled AR-15, the Snake, here in the United States.   This rifle was developed in Israel as part of a series of AR variants under the brand name Gilboa.  When a pair of 16″… Continue reading.

Makita Power Tool Wall! – INSANE Workshop Storage Idea

We’ve had a lot of wasted space around the place, and all our Makita power tools were just thrown in a cupboard. So we though, what better way to organise them, than on the wall. We use a huge piece of our red shadowfoam original and mount it to the wall, cut all our tools in,… Continue reading.

The Mechanic Who Lives in His Garage | Extreme Cheapskates

Larry is the cheapest mechanic in Texas. He even avoids paying rent by living and working in his garage.

FIM X-Trial World Championship

It’s like parkour but on a motorcycle!  


The Rednecks with Paychecks Downhill Barbie Jeep Race is always the wildest activity during the RWP event. You have to give each of the guys and girls props for having the guts to sail off the top of this insane dirt & rock hill!

Testing the Coolest invention ever (The Chinese Exhaust Jack)

I saw this on eBay and couldn’t help but laugh 😂 Its not made to be hooked up to a duramax. We almost flipped my wife’s car and tried to flip the truck down a hill. We still got the job done.

My Honest Opinion of other Truck YouTubers (Calling out Clickbait) Sometimes I wonder what life is like to clickbait….. it is only then that I will explore into the realm of other truck youtubers videos. Good people? YES FOR SURE. Good Content? Well….. You decide based on this scale 😂 (The streetspeed717 strikes are just jokes and we joke around lol) The rest are… Continue reading.

Rolling Coal Going Away? EPA launches crackdown on emissions defeat device makers

Rolling Coal Could Be A Ticket To Jail The announcement came after the EPA reached its most recent settlement with an aftermarket parts seller, in which it found Punch It Performance and Tuning out of Florida to have sold more than 20,000 devices that “included hardware components and electronic tuning software, known as ‘tunes,’ that… Continue reading.

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