U-Haul Catches Fire in Police Chase

  A stolen U-Haul suspect leads police on a long chase through Los Angeles and Orange County ending with the truck catching fire and the suspect running.

My Humvee Is Defective… (Sank It 3 Times in One Day)

  If the driving underwater series has any hope, we need to get started now!

The All-Electric F-150 Lightning

  Trusted for more than a century. Innovated and electrified for the next century. Get ready for the all-electric F-150 Lightning.

2020 Chevy Silverado HD Factory Build and Testing

Taking a look at how the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD truck is built and tested plus all of the technology that goes into it.   We get more done to our 1993 OBS Silverado build.

Fabricating plastic pistons (will they work?)

  In this episode we try (somewhat successfully) to get an engine to work on plastic pistons.

1993 OBS Project Truck Build – Reviews

  We had a little dilemma that gave us a little roadblock. We’re very young into our builds and Youtube itself so we don’t have a big fancy shop with lots of tools, etc. The one thing we needed help with was somebody with a lift. Well that didn’t work out as planned so we… Continue reading.

My lawnmower’s cooler than your lawnmower!

  I got tired of getting sun burn and having swamp butt every time I cut grass on a regular lawn mower…so I developed the most luxurious cutting machine you’ve ever seen! The RON BEER! Truck180’s 1993 OBS Project Build

Tuned Duramax Colorado ZR2 10k Mile Review – Better Than a Full Size Truck?

  Emissions problems? Tranny issues? Was the truck worth it? Should you choose the diesel option? I go over my trials and tribulations with this truck as well as the mods done to it (some I regret).

I won a Ford Raptor. And I’m turning it into a plane.

  I even painted it red to get all the scratches out! She’s in good hands! Just don’t tell the FFA. #flyingraptor

Plywood Flies Out of Truck and Hits Truck in Other Lane

  Maybe don’t load your truck so full? Also, if you’re the truck that got hit on the other side of the road, I send this video to ICBC for you. You’re welcome.

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